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Beautiful York Trees of Your Own

Heritage Rail Trail County Park is the one to know for a relaxing picnic. To have your relaxing picnic in your own outdoor space, reach out to us!

Trees are great for the environment and fabulous for your landscape. But it would be best if you also sustained them well, not only for the apparent reason of maintaining the value and looks of your property but also to avoid unforeseen issues that may appear in the future.

While having a tree in your yard brings charm to the property, sometimes trees can create issues that must be resolved as soon as possible.

York, PA's best tree care company

Our tree specialists do it all from tree removal to stump grinding. We specialize in large, odd-shaped trees that most other York tree care companies step away from. If you even need maintenance for a little bush, we help you. We are proud to guarantee that our work site is safe and that your landscape isn’t damaged.

Insects and diseases affect your tree’s health, sometimes killing them. This is why detecting the issue is the first thing we do. Based on the problem, we treat your trees with the correct tree treatment. Please call us to learn more about our tree consultation and tree care services. Make an appointment and ask questions about the tree care we provide.

York Arborists Who Are Committed To You

All our York arborists have solid work ethics. We are committed to doing what is necessary to help you with your trees.

Safety is our main priority because we have families that expect us at home in the evening. You can anticipate us being honest, candid, and fair. Our tree specialists would love to help you with your trees.

Trees can become overgrown and infringe upon your business or home. They also can fall over and cause damage due to high winds. When you need a York tree contractor company to shape, remove, or prune trees from your landscape, Harrisburg Tree Service is the one to call. With certified arborists on staff, our crew of professionals delivers affordable and comprehensive tree care services.

Trees are valuable, so don’t let them die unnecessarily. When there is any chance of saving a tree, however, our crew can handle removing it. Call us to schedule an appointment or get more information about our tree services.