Expert Tree Crown Reduction for Harrisburg PA

Tree crown reduction is just one of the many professional services offered by Harrisburg Tree Service. We can also handle your tree cutting, removal, trimming needs, and more! If the branch tips of a tree in your yard need to be trimmed back, our crown reduction services are an ideal solution.

If you are concerned about your tree experiencing hindered growth after having crown reduction services we can assure you this is not the case. Many times your tree will actually begin to flourish once it’s been reduced to an ideal shape and reasonable weight.

What is Tree Crown Reduction?

You might not be too familiar with crown reduction, but it’s a process that helps eliminate some of the tree’s top weight. For instance, if your tree has high branches that stick out too far and hinder the proper growth of the tree branches, a crown reduction would be an ideal solution.

So, with tree crown reduction service, you can shorten the tree’s crown, and in turn, the branches’ diameter will increase. So you will have a nice rounded or shaped treetop with thicker, stronger branches over time.

Professional vs DIY Crown Reduction

Many property owners prefer to try and handle certain tasks on their own, but when it comes to crown reduction it’s a task better left to the experts. If you are not familiar with trees then you are likely unaware that they can experience stress. You could be harming the tree without knowing it.

Our Harrisburg tree crown reduction experts will reduce your tree’s crown to no more than 25%. This might seem like a fairly small amount but it’s actually an ideal maximum to avoid causing stress to the tree.

Our Harrisburg tree crown reduction services are ideal if you have a tree that you want to make smaller or if you have strong winds or frequent storms that often harm your tree branches.

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