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While tall trees are often very appealing and enjoyable to look at, they can sometimes pose a safety risk for any people or structures nearby. Harrisburg Tree Service is here and ready to help you increase the safety and health of your tree.

Tree crowning is not the same thing as tree topping. A property owner often does tree topping to make the tree shorter. Unfortunately, damage and stress can be done to the tree, but you can easily avoid this scenario by calling our Harrisburg tree service experts.

We don’t top trees, but we offer premium tree crowning services to lessen the strain your large tree currently possesses.

Harrisburg Tree Crowning Service

Suppose you want to safely and properly shorten a tree; you need to reduce the crown. Pruning is the first step to this process, and if any potential risks or dangers exist, certain branches might need to be removed or shortened. We aim to provide results that reflect a tree’s natural appearance.

When you hire us to come out to shorten your tree, it’s important that you know we will only remove 25-30% in a year. If your tree needs more than 30% removed, you can expect it to take longer than a year before it’s the size you desire. This is to avoid causing stress or encouraging fungus and mold growth from removing too much at one time.

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