Harrisburg Tree Service


Professional Elizabethtown Tree Care Company

Conewago Recreation Trail is where one can take a long quiet walk surrounded by healthy trees. Surround your yard with huge, healthy trees by calling us!

Harrisburg Tree Service is a professional tree care company committed to caring for the trees you love. Based in Harrisburg, PA, we provide tree trimming, emergency tree care, tree removal, and stump grinding to a diverse group of customers like businesses, municipalities, and homeowners.

With many Elizabethtown arborists at our company, you can be sure that our tree maintenance will meet your highest expectations. From the roots to the tops of your trees, our tree contractors have the equipment and expertise to make your landscape and trees look their best.

Elizabethtown’s best tree care company

We proudly serve Elizabethtown and the surrounding communities such as Carlisle, Lancaster, Hershey, and Progress. You don’t have to call around looking for affordable tree care with us. From the beginning, our mission has been to be your first phone call when your trees are not looking their best. Call us today to schedule a tree care consultation.

While grass is lovely on its own, trees bring majesty and beauty to your landscape. Caring for your trees necessitates skill and expertise. Our Elizabethtown arborists are trained and equipped with the correct technology to offer the best tree care.

We are Elizabethtown’s best tree care company. This offers you peace of mind that only the top standards and practices are being used. While arborist certification verifies a person’s proficiency, accreditation offers assurance that a business as a whole is competent in solid business practices and proper tree service.

Skilled and Experienced Elizabethtown Arborists

Our tree specialists have extensive knowledge about trees in Pennsylvania and the many things that can affect their beauty, health, safety, and function. With the right professional advice on your trees, you can accomplish your tree goals.

We’re a local company, locally operated and owned since the beginning. Our staff consists of tree specialists, tree contractors, and arborists. We respect your property, time, and community, focusing our leaving your landscape and trees looking great, if not better, than before we showed up.