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Tall, Healthy Trees by Chambersburg Arborists!

Memorial Park is the place in Chambersburg to enjoy a picnic under a big shade tree. To get a big shade tree of your own, reach out to us!

Send a text to Harrisburg Tree Service for a free quote on any tree care services and to schedule your consultation and tree job.

From tree trimming to tree cabling to stump grinding, our Chambersburg tree contractors help to ensure your trees grow healthy and tall without intertwining with power lines.

From strong winds to storms to rot to insects, there are numerous ways for a tree to become marred. If left alone, it’s only a matter of time before limbs start breaking off.

Get preventive tree care and lessen your liability with our emergency tree care and yard clearing services. Our arborists take down hazardous trees in the securest possible way and clear your landscape.

Enjoy Healthy Chambersburg Trees All Year Long

From tree trimming to tree cabling for stability to stump and tree removal to encouraging optimum tree growth, give Harrisburg Tree Service a call for any tree service. We use the latest equipment and proven methods, and experienced tree specialists will help you get the most out of your trees.

When you partner with us, you’re working with tree care specialists and arborists who have been in business for years. Our hard-working team gets the work done efficiently and fast at an affordable and reasonable price.

We realize that trees have many values and benefits. This is why it is crucial to keep them under control and healthy. Everyone understands that trees are valuable and bring value to any property. They purify our air, enhance our surroundings, manufacture precious oxygen, and act as sound barriers.

Chambersburg Trees That Are Good and Healthy

We like trees around us because they bring pleasure to our lives. Most people respond to the presence of trees beyond just viewing their beauty. We feel peace, tranquility, and serenity in an area of trees. We feel at home. The strong ties between trees and people are apparent in the opposition of residents to removing trees for whatever reason. You can also see the heroic efforts of organizations and individuals to save specific historical or large trees.​​