Tree Stump Removal Services in Harrisburg PA

If you have an unwanted stump on your property and you aren’t sure where to start in terms of removing it, give Harrisburg Tree Service a call. We have the skill and equipment to safely and effectively remove the stump in your yard or on your property.

Local Stump Removal and Grinding

We give you many options when it comes to using our stump removal and grinding services. We can completely clean up when we’re done, or partially or not at all; it’s completely up to you. In addition we can remove the roots as well if you choose this option with your service.

Stump Removal with No Clean Up

This option is pretty self-explanatory. When you choose no clean up we will come out and remove the stump but you will be responsible for the debris remaining. The hole will also be left and will need to be filled after the debris is cleaned up.

Stump Removal with Partial Clean Up

Our partial clean up option includes removal of the stump and using the grindings to fill the hole that remains. We pack the grindings down well but keep in mind they will settle as time passes so the hole may become uneven with the rest of your yard. If the stump is in an area that is less noticeable this is an ideal option.

Full Clean Up Service with Stump Removal

When you choose to have a full clean-up with your stump removal service, you can leave everything to us. We will safely and effectively remove the stump and then let you decide what happens to the grindings; you can keep them for mulch, or we can haul them off.

Next, we will fill the hole where the stump was with soil and level with your yard. Grass will grow again over time, and eventually, you will forget where the stump was to begin with.

Tree Root Removal Service

Our root removal service is ideal if you have tree or hedge roots causing significant problems on your property. For instance, they could be interfering with your foundation, driveway, plumbing, etc.

Roots need moisture, and they will do what is necessary to find it, which puts your underground plumbing at risk if trees are nearby. Over time this can easily result in pipe damage, including broken pipes.

We strive to offer eco-friendly solutions, but property owners sometimes prefer something more powerful to eradicate their issue. In this instance, it would be to have us use a chemical on the roots left behind after we remove the stump. The chemical would kill off the roots and alleviate the risk of damage to other areas/systems of your property.

Best Tree Stump Grinding and Removal in Harrisburg PA

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