Tree Planting Service in Harrisburg PA

Harrisburg Tree Service offers a variety of tree services, including proper tree planting. If planting trees were an easy task, we wouldn’t be able to offer this service. However, the location of your new tree is not the only consideration that needs to be made. Our expert tree planting professionals have the skills, knowledge, and experience to plant your trees safely and properly.

Safe and proper tree planting ensures your trees grow to their maximum potential healthily. We can help you choose the perfect trees for your property based on different factors.

Considerations for Planting Trees

Type of Tree

The type of tree you choose is definitely something to consider. You don’t want to choose just any tree because you like it, unfortunately. You need to choose a tree that is native to PA. Native trees will flourish on your property without special care and attention – something that is often required for non-native trees.

The Tree’s Purpose

There is typically a reason a person decides to plant a tree and this will need to be considered. Is the tree going to offer more shade, increase your privacy or do you simply want to enhance the beauty of your landscape?

The Tree’s Size

Obviously, size will play a very large role in choosing what kind of tree to plant. Is the location in one that will allow the tree to grow to it’s full potential or will it become at risk for damaging your structure or other property?

Planting Your Own Trees in Harrisburg PA

If you decide you would rather plant your own and have done your research, we want to include a few more tips and important information. You want the roots to spread from the trunk of the tree you plant, so you mustn’t get it too deep but deep enough for proper root growth and spread. You will want the base trunk’s flare to be exposed above the ground.

When it comes time to water your newly planted tree, you want to make sure it’s moist but not drenched. Twice a day, water the newly planted tree’s mass roots at the base and surrounding area.

If you decide to place mulch around your newly planted tree, as is very common, you want to make sure it’s 2 to 4 inches thick and 6 inches away from the trunk. Doing so can help you improve the success rate of avoiding disease or other infection to your tree. Sometimes a brace is needed to stabilize the young tree as it matures and gains strength.

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