Harrisburg Tree Service


Let our Skilled Westminster Tree Contractors Manage All Your Tree Care Services

Westminster College has a beautiful campus with big, tall, green trees. If you want tall, green trees in your outdoor space, come to us!

Harrisburg Tree Service provides exceptional tree stump removal, tree trimming, and yard cleaning services. Our company has served Westminster for years, including the communities of Progress, Lancaster, Chambersburg, and York.

All of our Westminster tree contractors have the necessary experience and knowledge to service trees of any size or type. We are an insured tree care business and provide our customers with emergency tree care.

Westminster Tree Removal and Trimming Services

Our most common service is our tree trimming and removal services. We can inspect your trees’ current condition, offer you a free quote for the work needed to remove the tree, and start work immediately.

If you have older trees in your outdoor area, we have the machinery to cut down the tree and remove the roots. Our stump removal and stump grinding services ensure that there are no uneven spots in your landscape. We can grind down stumps or remove a stump that’s been around for some time.

Affordable Tree Care Costs in Westminster

Although we are a Westminster tree removal company, we also provide additional tree care services. We offer a yard cleaning service to aid you in preparing pieces of land for construction projects. We can remove trees and debris to give you a smooth and even foundation for a building.

With our non-emergency and emergency tree care services, we are a comprehensive tree care company in Westminster capable of fulfilling all your tree requests. Since we established our business, it has been our mission to satisfy our customers at any cost. Contact us to arrange a free estimate for tree care.

Our tree specialists are skilled and knowledgeable in managing any tree problem you can imagine. We have a professional and trustworthy group of tree experts, from tree contractors to arborists. We take pride in the fact that more than 90% of our business is referrals from happy customers!