The Winter Season Is A Wonderful Time to Plant Trees

The best time is the winter season to plant trees. Several excellent options are available at your local tree care store, with some of the top trees available in the wintertime. Your new tree will have the winter dormant season to develop new roots. When spring comes, your tree will be on its way to offering shade for years to come.

While it might seem evident that planting a tree is a great idea, here are some reasons that might not have come across your mind. A well-planted tree saves you money on your energy bills. In the summertime, trees shade your windows and roof. Trees also provide fresh air around your home as they breathe. During the wintertime, trees block cold winds.

By reducing your electric usage, you help reduce emissions that impact air pollution. Yes, trees clean the air by making oxygen, and they also keep Harrisburg cooler by lessening the “heat island” effect. This is brought on by concrete reflecting and storing heat, making the city hotter.

Pick a Place

Survey your outdoor space and determine the best location for your tree. Select the variety based on mature (growth) size instead of the space you have available. Most planting errors are made by putting a tree that will grow very large in the wrong spot like too close to the house or driveway, or near a power line.

Don’t plant the tree near gas, sewer, telephone, or cable TV lines. If you aren’t sure if you’ve picked the best spot, phone a company that specializes in tree service in Harrisburg, it will find and mark all underground utility lines in the area.

Be sure your spot is not one massive boulder with just a layer of soil over it. If you hit a big rock, move over a little and try again. When you are sure you have picked the right spot for your tree, only then should you buy the tree.

When you have the size of the hole you can dig, your initial plan for a big balled and burlap tree might change into a five-gallon capacity. The smaller size is more straightforward to plant, less pricey, and could grow more quickly than the bigger tree.

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