When You Need To Consider Removing Your Tree

Regardless of whether it’s storm season or not, if you have trees in your yard, you will want to make decisions on how to sustain them over time. In some instances, trees might need to be trimmed, while others may need to be removed entirely. There are many things to keep an eye on to make a sound decision as to when to consider removing a tree.

Times to have trees removed.

• The tree is not alive or in awful condition. If you look at the tree and you can’t see anything green or live on the tree, or if the limbs are all brittle and dry, there’s a possibility it is dying or dead.

• Storm damage has made the tree damage irreversible. Storm damage can be taken care of by trimming the damaged area or branches. However, when the trunk of the tree is too damaged for repair, it is time for the tree to go.

• When a tree is leaning dangerously over a building or other areas, people might be. People don’t usually consider leaning trees until parts fall from them. The truth is that leaning trees are hazardous and must be removed for safety reasons.

• If the tree is entwined in power lines. This can create a dangerous situation. Not only does the tree have to be removed, but you also need to call someone skilled in emergency tree removal to do it.

• When roots grow too close to the foundation of your home. Roots can crack the foundation and underground pipes. Also, they can get into the utilities and snap connections to them. You might not always be able to tell if a tree must be removed by just looking at it. If you need a tree inspected, call a skilled arborist to do the job.

Dangerous situations to remove a tree:

• disease or infestation. If you see that your tree has been infected with diseases or insects that are going to kill it ultimately and there is no way of saving it, you have to get the tree removed for the safety of everyone and other trees.

• Rotting or decay. If you get a tree inspection and it is discovered that there is rot or deterioration in the tree, you might want to consider if the tree needs to be eliminated or not.

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