When Do You Need to Prune Dead Branches?

It might sound odd at first but getting rid of dead tree branches helps your tree in numerous ways. It’s like getting a haircut. Yes, you lose some hair. But your hair’s shape immediately looks good. By eliminating split ends, your hair won’t shed, and the rest of your hair becomes strong and healthy.

It’s the same when an arborist cares for your trees. You lessen the chance that they split while helping your trees flourish. Keep reading for more information on why you should prune your trees regularly.

Trimming Off Dead Tree Branches Helps Trees 

Pruning is vital if you desire a long-living, healthy tree. Precisely, trimming off diseased or dead limbs aids in keeping you and your residence safe.

Pruning Provides Safety

Pruning eliminates deadwood that can otherwise blow around during a severe storm. Trimmed trees are less likely to have limbs split in a storm. While pruning, tree care professionals usually do a complete tree assessment to ensure your tree is healthy. When in good shape, a tree delivers beauty and saves you money.

When ill and ignored, that same tree can do massive damage to your home in a horrific storm. You may or may not know this, but a tree weighs nearly twice as much as a Toyota Corolla. Research has shown that a downed or damaged tree accounts for over $3 billion in property damage in the U.S. annually. The more time you spend on your tree’s health, the less likely it will harm a storm.

Prune for Excellent Health

This task is crucial when your tree is young. Hire an arborist to guide your tree so that it grows a durable, sound limb structure. Spread out the canopy to allow air and light to permeate through the whole tree. This process increases foliage while reducing the risk of disease.

As your tree matures, your tree professional will typically trim your tree to get rid of weak branches. By eliminating excessive limbs, you enhance the shape of your tree. Also, you raise the amount of air and sunlight that could flow through your tree’s canopy. Increasing the amount of sun means a surge in growth. Trimming aids the health of a tree.

Prune for Beauty

Arborists prune trees to help enhance or sustain their original shape. Some tree specialists feel that tree pruning is an art form. These professionals desire to assist each tree in looking as fabulous as it can.

When tree contractors maintain a tree, they help guarantee your tree continues to help your home! One vibrant tree in your front yard could raise the sale price by over an average of $6,000.

The right benefits don’t stop there. When you trim fruit trees, you assist them in developing more significant fruit constantly. You have the potential of juicy fruit in your future.

At Harrisburg Tree Service, tree pruning is one of the many tree services we provide. If you need the dead limbs gone from your tree, contact us.​

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