5 Types of Birch Trees You Should Consider for Your Yard

Nothing is better than be a couple of different types of birch trees in your yard. With their ghostly coloration and incredible papery bark, birch trees naturally are the center of attention in a landscape. Despite the trees’ downsides, birch trees are popular due to their small stature, unique peeling bark, white trunks, and marvelous shapes.

To help make a decision, below are five various types of birch trees to plant in your garden:


River Birch Trees

In a landscape, a river birch tree makes a statement, possessing intensely scaly brown bark. A type like “heritage” with its grayish-colored bark will balance a vast range of colors. River birch trees are fast-growing but somewhat short-lived, possessing a lifespan of around 50 years.


Paper Birch Trees

Papery bark peels off trunks; paper birch trees are usually referred to as white birch trees. The tree has a slender, single trunk and increases visual impact when planted in groups to accentuate its whiteness.

A short-lived tree, these trees might live just decades in a warm climate. In cold weather zones, paper birch trees have lifespans close to 100 years.


Silver Birch Trees

Silver birch trees draw attention to themselves with spade-shaped leaves and peeling white bark. These slender-trunked trees will create a delicate shade canopy overhead. Growing up to 40 feet, these trees are best planted in northern and eastern exposures with limited sunlight hours.


Gray Birch Trees

Gray birch trees usually have several trunks, offering a shape similar to a massive shrub as a tree. Gray birch is a gorgeous tree that is typically used as a winter landscape plant or when space limitations necessitate using a tree with a smaller stature.

Himalayan Birch Trees

Himalayan birch trees are great trees for big parks, open spaces, and homesite parks—a problem solver for low-lying sites too wet for several other species. A quick-growing tree, Himalayan birch, can fill in an empty area in a landscape.


Erman’s Birch Trees

Erman’s birch trees have white bark with a pink cast and a tendency to peel. This is what showcases this ornamental species in a garden. If your local arborist plants one in your yard, be prepared for this elegant tree to spread out. An Erman’s birch tree flourishes to a height of close to 80 feet.

If you need help identifying the trees in your yard, contact Harrisburg Tree Service to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced arborists.

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