Trees Can Be Pruned Five Different Ways

It’s critical to realize that trees pruned in different ways can ensure longevity for your tree. If you aren’t familiar with tree pruning, call a tree care company in Harrisburg and talk with a tree expert who will examine your trees and give you a price for a professional tree pruning service. When it comes to pruning, it is recommended that you use a professional tree service. Cutting into a tree is nothing to mess around with, especially if you don’t have any experience doing so.


Raising implies raising the crown, which suggests clearing some of the lower limbs. To avoid leaving marks or wounds, regular lifting of the canopy should happen with younger trees. The reason for lifting is to adapt to urban environments.


Reduction is a method that focuses on the reduction of stems that might need to be cut back for many reasons. One of the things you don’t want to happen is tree topping.  With tree topping, you remove vital branches that create considerable wounds in the trees, leaving them open to rot. Reduction necessitates knowledge about how a tree grows back and which limbs are needed.


This is frequently done on overgrown trees.  Usually, tree thinning is needed for structural reasons.  Moreover, increased light penetration is typically a reason for tree pruning. The best thing is to not eliminate no more than 20% of the foliage on the tree, and one should only be trimming limbs that are two inches thick.


This pruning technique is possibly the most overlooked by everyone, including tree care experts.  Since most site conditions in an urban setting deliver more light to your tree than if it was in the woods, your tree develops quite differently than in its natural setting. Accurate structural growth for your tree from tree establishment is vital for your tree’s health later in life, specifically when it comes to storm damage prevention.

There are numerous steps to correct structural pruning, such as:

  • Picking the limb that will be the dominant trunk
  • Pinpointing branches that will be contending with the dominant trunk
  • Shortening or eliminating the limbs


This clear-cut pruning method eliminates any hazardous and visually unattractive dead wood from your tree.

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