Growing New Plants With Rooting Hormones

One way to create a new plant just like the parent plant is to take a part of the plant, called a cutting, and plant another one. Common ways to make new plants is from stem cuttings, leaf cuttings, and root cuttings, typically using a rooting hormone.

What is rooting hormone? Read on to learn the answer and all about growing plants with rooting hormones.

Rooting Hormones

When reproducing plants using a stem cutting, it is helpful to use a rooting hormone. Rooting hormone will improve the chance of a successful plant rooting in most instances. When rooting hormones are applied, the root will usually develop faster and be of better quality than when rooting hormones aren’t used.

Even though several plants root freely on their own, using a rooting hormone does the job of reproducing complex plants much simpler. Some plants, like ivy, will even develop roots in water. However, these roots are never as strong as those that are rooted in soil with a rooting hormone.

Where to Buy

Rooting hormones come in a couple of forms. The powder form is the simplest to work with. All sorts of rooting hormones are available from most garden supply and tree care stores and online gardening sites.
How to Use 

Successful reproduction always starts with a clean, fresh cut. Get rid of the leaves from your cutting before beginning the rooting process. Put some of the rooting hormones in a clean container.

Don’t put the cutting into the container of rooting hormone. Always put a little root hormone into a separate pot. This keeps the rest of the rooting hormone from getting tainted. Put one inch of the cutting stem into the rooting hormone. The new roots will develop from here.

Get a pot ready with moist soil and put the dipped stem cutting into the container. Shelter the pot with some plastic. The new planting should be put in a sunny spot where it will get filtered light.

While waiting for new root growth, make sure the stem cutting stays moist and look for new leaves to form. When fresh leaves appear, it is a good indication that new roots have developed. The plastic bag can be taken off at this time. As your plant gets older, you can start caring for it like a new plant.

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