Can I Plant A Fruit Tree In A Container?

Picking the Correct Container

Most folks decide to plant a fruit tree in a container for easy mobility. For this reason, the ideal container size is between 10 – 20 gallons, big enough to support a tree and small enough to move easily.

This size is ideal if you’re growing on a patio or balcony, as well as in a window. You can bring the tree inside for safekeeping when the temperature gets too cold. Also, it is handy if you need to move your tree to the basement, shed, or garage in the wintertime.

And containers are ideal for growing warm-weather types such as banana plants, fig trees, and citrus trees, areas in which the climates are more cooling than where the trees would develop normally.

How to Get Started

Begin small. Use no bigger than a 7-gallon container. As the tree grows in its pot, it will get root-bound. Before this occurs, you can re-pot it into a bigger container. You can tell if your tree has developed roots in its pot by the tree’s amount of growth.

Regardless of what size you select, your tree won’t grow for very long if it doesn’t have proper drainage. Make sure the pot you use has holes so that any extra water can drain and air can get to the soil.

Planting in Containers

Picking the correct soil is crucial. Potting soil is the top choice since it is designed for pot plants. Finding at your local tree care store is easy. It would help if you didn’t use topsoil since it is predisposed to get compacted.

When you want to fill your container, you must first put a layer of rock or gravel on your container’s bottom to aid with drainage. Next, add some of your soil mix for the roots to sit on and put your tree in the middle of the pot to be vertical and straight. Then, add the rest of your soil until the tree is accurately sitting in the container. Please give it a comprehensive watering, and your tree is all set.

If you’re wondering which trees would work best in containers or are concerned about the health of trees you already have, contact a Harrisburg arborist for advice.

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